La Trajana offers organic and healthy products for all those who want to take care of themselves and the environment..

La Trajana: Historical and charismatic figure

“La Trajana”’s real name was actually Pompeya Plotina, a strong and charismatic woman who conquered the heart of emperor Trajano and marked the future of the Roman Empire.

Emperor Trajano, one of the so-called “five good emperors”, was the first Roman emperor born in Spain. Famous for being the emperor-soldier who led the greatest military expansion in Roman history, but also for his philanthropy.

The influence that “La Trajana” had on her husband allowed him to successfully reign over Rome and his empire for almost 20 years.

Pompeya Plotina marked the history of mankind thanks to her influence, intelligence, kindness and benevolence. As an Empress, the Senate granted her the title of Augusta, an imperial honorary title generally awarded to the wives or relatives of the Roman and Byzantine emperors.

“La Trajana” was born in a village in Andalusia called “Escacena del campo”, village where our farm and olive grove are located. Today, next to our farm, vestiges from the Roman and Arab times are still visible, such as ancient baths and the foundations of the wall that surrounded them.

La Trajana today

When we decided to develop our range of organic products, we gathered all the charisma, strength and symbol of “La Trajana” to create our brand: a combination of quality, history and tradition.

We like to imagine who would La Trajana be today, a strong and independent woman who takes care of herself and her loved ones, who supports local producers, who like to cook and try to eat organic. A hardworking, entrepreneurial woman, active, sporty who also enjoys quiet time for herself or quality time shared with her family and friends.

We all know a Trajana who fights her battles and conquers her own empire. Today’s Trajanas can be women, but also families, men, young and old. Consumers with values and aware of the need to take care of the environment and our planet.

La Trajana is a brand of the Organic Spain Foods company located in Seville and has its own farm and its own production in Andalusia. To learn more about OSF, clic here.